Jul 07 2008

Magic Isn’t Magical – Childhood Is!

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Corporate Babe’s parents recently flew in from overseas to spend a month visiting us here, and seeing their daughter and grandchildren.

They were scheduled to arrive just before Exacto’s 6th birthday.

In the months prior to their visit, Exacto spent a great deal of time on the phone discussing with his grandparents exactly what he would like for his birthday. He told them repeatedly that he wanted to learn magic and become a magician.

This pleased his grandparents a great deal and so they spent weeks before their visit in the dogged pursuit of magic for a little boy about to turn six.

During this time, Exacto was also very excited, and he spent many hours telling us about all the great magic he was going to learn when his grandparents came to visit.

As Exacto’s 6th birthday arrived, boxes and boxes of great and wonderful magic were brought out and unwrapped with high-pitched squeals of delight by a very excited little boy. Afterwards, our little Mandrake spent the evening running around the house wearing a black magician’s cape around his neck, a black magician’s hat on his head and waving his magic wand at everyone, magically transforming each of us into very happy, laughing family members.

As Exacto was quick to point out, however, someone had to teach him how to do magic, so Grandma volunteered to become his assistant. They agreed to secretly get together every day after dinner and learn great and wondrous magic.

After their first meeting, when Grandma taught Exacto how to magically make a little plastic red ball disappear and reappear inside a plastic egg cup, Exacto’s face dropped considerably as he announced that what she had just shown him wasn’t magic at all … it was “tricking” people.

As a result of this incident, we have temporarily packed away all of the magic until our son gets a little bit older and is able to reconcile the act of performing prestidigitory illusions and tricks with his uncompromising principles and the honest belief that we should not go around tricking ourselves and others.

We live in a world where grown-ups can quickly and easily become disappointed, cynical beings, so it’s good to know that the innocence of children can still fill our lives with awe and wonder, even if just by witnessing their faces light up with wide-eyed anticipation of the great, magical things they continually expect to happen in their magical world.

Magic isn’t magical … childhood is!

The Lazy Househusband

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