Mar 01 2009

Living A Double Digit Life

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My eldest son, Filosofo, turned 10 years old today.

Ten years old!

I can’t believe it’s already been a decade since my wife and I started bringing three beautiful new little people into the world, starting with Filosofo.

And we never expected a single one of them. Family planning? Forget it! We can’t even plan tonight’s family meal. All three boys took us completely by surprise, and now, ten years later, things couldn’t have worked out better for Corporate Babe and I.

A few days ago Filosofo sat around the breakfast table gloating to his two younger brothers how, in just a few days, he was going to be in the double digits.

“What’s double midgets?” Asked Exacto, our middle son.

I glanced up from the kitchen counter where I was making the boys’ school lunches, then saw the mischievous look in his eye. He was only trying to goad his older brother.

They’re all growing too fast and getting far too clever for me.

Now that Filosofo is 10, I’ve let him keep the savings tin where he stores all of the money he gets for christmas, birthdays, gifts and tooth fairy donations in his own bedroom. He’ll probably do a much better job of managing his own money anyway, than I have done of managing it on his behalf. At least I won’t be touching his money tin every time the lawn-mowing guy comes around and I suddenly remember that I have forgotten to pull money out of an ATM the night before to pay him.

10 years old! Reading books, forming great friendships at school, class trips, sleepovers, getting teased about girls, after school activities, playing games, having cool toys, watching fun movies, being self-conscious about walking around the house naked, learning to play the guitar, drawing beautiful images, creating wonderful stories, imagining limitless possibilities, helping put out the garbage at night, cleaning out the car on weekends, being the hero to his younger brothers, wanting more space and privacy at home, wanting to know more about everything, talking incessantly, asking for second and third helpings at dinner time, becoming more beautiful every day and coming more and more into his own. What an exciting year he has ahead of him!

I was feeling quite emotional yesterday night about my son turning ten years old, so, after putting the kids to bed, I went into his room after lights out and lay down with him on his bed to have a chat. As we lay there chatting with him resting his head snuggly into my armpit and both of us looking up at the dark ceiling, I recounted the story of my own 10th birthday party. My mother had decided to throw a party to celebrate both my and my youngest brother’s birthday together, and booked a reception room and a caterer and invited dozens of people – family, friends, school colleagues, etc.

I had turned 10, my brother was going to turn 2, and, despite an 8-year difference in age, my mother had bought us both matching outfits.

Filosofo found this hilarious and we both laughed about it for a few minutes. Then I gave him a hug, kissed him good night, got up from the bed, told him I loved him, and closed the door for the last time on my 9-year old boy.

My own little brother now towers above me, and, in the not too distant future, so will my son and his brothers.

Driving the kids to school this morning, I tried to glean from Filosofo what he would like for his birthday. We haven’t bought him a birthday present yet (I told you my wife and I can’t even plan tonight’s family meal ahead of time!). Fortunately, Filosofo does not believe he will be legitimately turning 10 years old until the year goes completely full circle to the exact moment he was born a decade ago. So, my wife and I have until 6:20pm tonight to find him a birthday present.

Thankfully, I called my wife this morning after dropping the kids off at school and told her that Filosofo seemed very interested in owning a pair of digital binoculars. Between the two of us, I am better when it comes to “wanting” things to happen immediately, while my wife is best at doing the researching, shopping and calling around, negotiating prices, ordering and getting things delivered on time, so now that I’ve done my part, the ball is in her court and I can get on with the rest of my day.

I am really looking forward to hearing from Filosofo later today how his first day of being “double digits” has gone.

10 years old … I wish you a very happy and wonderful birthday, son!

The Lazy Househusband

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