Feb 14 2010

Man With A Plan

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I’m only a man
A simple man
My time is short
Of finite span.

I’m only a man
A restless man
With goals and dreams
and visions grand.

I’m only a man
I earn less than
Don’t work with my hands
Don’t own no land.

I’m only a man
A tired man
Don’t get much sleep
Can hardly stand.

I’m only a man
An aging man
So many chances
Since I began.

I’m only a man
A broken man
The difference is,
I have a Plan.

I’ll work from home
Get rich online
Do what I want
My time is mine.

Be my own man
A family man
My wife and kids
My precious clan.

Be a free man
A self-made man
So I roam online
With coffee in hand.

I’m only a man
A man who can
I sell ideas
In Cyberland.

I’m only a man
A business man
With automation
I expand.

I started out
Just blogging, man
But now I am
Man with a Plan.

The Lazy Househusband


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