Sep 23 2007

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Lazy House Husband … Me??? Hang on a second … I prefer to call myself a “domestic efficiency expert”. After all, I have spent many years working out ways to get other people (like my wife and kids) to do the hard work, so I can profit from their efforts and live in the manner I am accustomed and entitled to. I believe some people call this leverage.

Anyway, just so you know, I’m married to Corporate Babe and together we have three wonderful, smart little boys: “Filosofo” (our first born, who has already solved most of the mysteries of our Universe), “Exacto” (the middle child, who is either going to grow up to be a policeman or a lawyer) and your youngest one, “Destructo” (also known as “The Little Angel From Hell”)!

Last year, Corporate Babe decided she should go back to work and that I should stay at home and look after the children. After putting up a little feeble resistance to the idea (Me to CB aloud: “Are you sure you really want to do this?” Me to myself silently:”Thank God I don’t have to go back out there!”), I put away my manly pride (after folding it up neatly, so it wouldn’t crease) and simply acquiesced to the one I love.

The household got a new breadwinner (Hail Corporate Babe!) and I was free to start building an online business from home while bonding with my kids and living life as a hermit, which suits me just fine!

Thanks to my great business ideas 10 years earlier and my persistent ability to paint a compelling vision of a happy, healthy and wealthy future, I convinced my wife to quit working for Fortune500 companies while I grew a huge, global, direct sales distribution team. My wife gently reminded me that we were now almost a quarter of a million dollars in debt and facing bankruptcy thanks to my business ideas, and so I was forced to listen and agree with everything she said.

As I was not going to wear the pants around the house again for a while, I took them off and gave them to her. After dropping them in the dirty laundry basket, Corporate Babe then announced she was going to start looking for an IT job in Opportunity City, the place we had left two years earlier, when I accepted a business consulting role in the same little interstate town where my brother and his family lives. Coincidentally, not only did we move to the same town where my brother lives, I also went to work for him and his wife in their electrical services and retail lighting business so we could service our debts.

Now that we have moved back to Opportunity City and Corporate Babe has started working in her new role working as a Channel Sales Manager for ThankGodWare Corp and the kids have started school, I am ready to begin my new phase in life as a Lazy House Husband.

I am sure that, like me, many men around the world are now quitting the rat race and watching their wives and partners go back to work to support their decision. Therefore, I decided to create as a virtual meeting place where stay-at-home hubbies can grumble and mumble about home responsibilities, and share their experiences, ideas and insights into ways of keeping a happy home and family while expending minimal effort and energy as a house husband.

In this blog, I plan to share great secrets, tips, information and resources with other stay-at-home dads and husbands on things like:

  • How to keep the romance alive and drive your wife or partner wild as you develop into a pear-shaped, balding and unshaved house-hubby.
  • The best times to go around the house making to-do lists (so you can come across confidently when your wife asks you why the laundry is still sitting in piles in the living room floor).
  • Why a woman’s work is never done and a house-husband’s work never gets done.
  • How to get the kids to make their own breakfast, so you can get an extra half hour of sleep in the morning before rushing them off to school.
  • How to perfect the “casual” house husband look when your friends, neighbors and family members drop in for an unexpected visit.
  • What to say to mums at children’s birthday parties and school functions, when you’re the only dad attending.
  • Quick, easy and nutritious meals you can buy for the whole family.
  • How to get to the point of exhaustion, freak out, snap, bark and throw tantrums and still be adored as the family clown and resident goofball.
  • How to deal with hawkers, door-to-door salespeople, eternal salvation pushers and bill collectors.
  • Get rich, money-making ideas that I’m experimenting with.
  • How to self-actualize at home and be the envy of your friends.
  • How to avoid becoming a desperate househusband.

I was going to end this blog introduction by asking you to bookmark this site and promising you that I will report every day on my progress as a model househusband, but I couldn’t be bothered to make and try to keep such a commitment. I have enough demands on my time already, so, if you want to keep up with the hectic goings on of a house hubby who just wants to raise a happy and healthy family without going insane and get rich without leaving the house, then why not subscribe to my blog notification list. This way, every time I make a new post here at, you’ll know about it and can come visit the site for more househusband bonding, sharing and inspiration.

The Lazy House Husband

PS: Here’s something really cool that happened to me just for being a lazy househusband … I was asked by the British Telegraph newspaper (Britain’s TOP news publication as far as I’m concerned!) to write an article about … well … er … being a househusband!

If you’re interested, here’s the published version (minus all the fart jokes that got deleted by the editors for the final printed version):

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