Nov 04 2010

The Homeless Househusband Of Cherry Tree Lane

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Can a man without a home to care for still be called a househusband?

Not that I have invested a great deal of time or effort caring for the home we presently live in – I haven’t, as I have spent most of my time at home working more than managing it – but the owner of the house we’ve been renting for the past 4 years now wants it back and we’ve got to be out of here before the month’s end.

After spending the past month searching frantically for a new home to move into with no success thus far, the only positive thing I can say about house hunting is that it gives you an opportunity to have some quality family time on the weekends – even if much of it is spent driving in circles around suburbia with the kids in the back annoying each other, and arguing with my wife because she simply refuses to use a simple street directory when directing me to the next home inspection on our list, preferring instead to navigate using her Blackberry GPS phone satellite-based map app that takes so long to download, that by the time she tells me to take the next turn left, I’ve already missed it by 200 meters.

The pressure to find a new home, get a new lease agreement approved and signed, organize the move, pack up all of our stuff and be out of our current address with our rental bond hopefully intact in less than 4 weeks time is growing day by day.

But you wouldn’t know this by looking at us.

We’re as cool as cucumbers.

And the secret reason why, is that I’ve chosen to deal with this situation in the same way as I’ve handled every other major upheaval in our lives since Corporate Babe and I got married over 17 years ago.

I just have to get out of my own way, have faith in the Universe, and trust my wife.

This is the only method I’ve discovered that is guaranteed to work for someone like me.

When Corporate Babe is on the job, going out house hunting on the weekends is a magical road trip for the whole family.

Take us on outings, give us treats
Sing songs, bring sweets …

Armed with her list and phone-based GPS, Corporate Babe, the kids and I head off to inspect homes in sunny, sparkly, faraway places that offer unlimited potential for us to explore new lifestyle options (like sharing a house with owners who can’t afford to pay their mortgage), and we’re all singing Mary Poppins songs and making silly faces at each other as we’re driving along, pointing at rainbows and smiling and waving at people who smile and wave right back at us.

Precision and order
He wants nothing less …

The moment I try to assume control of the situation, however, everything stops being fun. No more smiles and sparkles and rainbows. No more happy show tunes from my merry singalong quartet. My attempt to inject a dose of “reality” into our Disney lives has come off badly for me … again.

Oh, it’s a jolly holiday
With you, Bert

Whilst I remain the sovereign, all we see when we look out the car window is drab, suburban sameness and unsmiling, unfriendly people looking menacingly back at us, like we’re not welcome to rent a home in their neighborhood.

Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheroo
When I lead the way, our househunting expedition goes from “whoopee” to “wee-poo” …

I don’t “lead” the way, I just “get” in the way.

To everyone else in the car, I probably look like I’m just panicking for no good reason. So what if we haven’t found a new home to move into yet and we’re getting kicked out of the one we’re living in less than four weeks from now?

“Just relax, Dad!” I can hear them all thinking. “You were only s’posed to take a spoonful a sugar, Dad, not guzzle the whole jar down!”

Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheroo
I does not likes all these things what I do …

Has not the universe always delivered everything we need, every day, on time, and in a perfect way?

Then why should it not deliver to us now, a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, with a double lock up garage, ample storage space, good internet coverage, room in the yard for a 14 foot trampoline (swimming pool optional), a kitchen with a dishwasher, a couple of additional living areas – hopefully one of these being a study/office space with a window looking out on something pleasant, 20-25 minutes maximum driving distance from the kids school and Corporate Babe’s work … and all within our specified budget?

I just need to get out of my own way, let the Universe do its thing, have more faith and trust my wife.

Now, my wife, she’s practically perfect in every way …

The week after our real estate agent mailed us our eviction notice, Corporate Babe announced she was going to hold a weekend long garage sale.

I freaked. I tried reminding her that, with so little time to find a new home, this was a major detour from everything that had to be prioritized and done so we could oblige the real estate’s wishes, and that sitting around for a whole weekend waiting for people to come and buy our junk was an absolute waste of precious time, but it just seemed to come off as shouting.

Corporate Babe remained unmoved and just sat there twirling an umbrella. I couldn’t even turn to Filosofo, my oldest son for support, as he was already fully enrolled in the project and was busy sketching out “Moving Sale” posters to nail on all the telephone poles around Cherry Tree Lane.

This was unbelievable. We were not strolling through a cartoon sequence of animated brooks and meadows and cute furry forest creatures. We were standing ankle deep in a room littered with toys, stuffed animals and childhood debris.

So, I told my family I was not going to get involved in or be any part of the garage sale.

“Fine” said my wife. She stopped twirling the broken child umbrella she had picked up, threw it into a corner of the room and started sorting through individual Lego pieces, looking for stuff to sell in her upcoming garage sale.

“Fine” I said back, and marched upstairs wishing I could just float out the window and away from this mess. We had less than six weeks to move house and my wife was engaged in something akin to sorting through shells in a beach, looking for pretty ones to either keep or toss back into the ocean.

Needless to say, they had a terrific garage sale and made a lot of money. This happened despite the fact that Corporate Babe didn’t get around to putting up signs until two days before the garage sale and then immediately afterwards, a storm hit our area and the wind and rain blew most of the signs away. Yet, people somehow managed to find the garage sale throughout the weekend and flocked to it in droves waving cash in their fists.

As Corporate Babe and Filosofo counted the money afterwards and gloated at their success, I admit I felt a tinge of guilt, shame and remorse. I felt guilty for not having participated in the event, was ashamed for having had such little faith in what my family can accomplish under chaotic circumstances, and was remorseful that I didn’t put out my collection of Black Sabbath records for sale with all the other junk that got sold.

Right now, as I write this, I have been given yet another opportunity to learn not only how to get out of my own way and have faith that the universe will always deliver exactly what is needed, but also to trust my wife more in her way of going about things.

Exacto, our middle child, has gone away for three days on a school trip, and Corporate Babe has decided to accompany his class. So, yesterday morning, my wife and eight year old son took off with a tent and a guitar in the back of her car.

They’re on a magical road trip once again to faraway, sparkly places, singing Mary Poppins songs together and making silly faces at each other as they’re driving along, pointing at rainbows and smiling and waving at people who smile and wave right back at them.

And I’m sitting at home trying not to panic … trying not to keep staring at the red mark on the kitchen wall calendar that circles an ominous date that is going to arrive a little over three weeks from today.

I just have to remember that things always work out. The Universe always has and always will deliver to us everything we need, every day, on time, and in a perfect way.

All I have to do is get out of my own way, have faith, trust my wife and let it all happen.

Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheroo
She does what she likes and I likes what she do …

The Lazy Househusband


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