Mar 15 2008

Getting Cocky With Poppy Seeds

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I have currently placed a ban on the consumption of poppy seeds in our household.

The ban is especially aimed at those of us who not only enjoy eating a delicious poppy seed covered bagel with slices of smoked salmon, cream cheese and baby capers, but who also feel compelled afterwards to lick their index finger, then press their finger down on all of the leftover poppy seeds on the plate and devour the little seeds one by one until the plate is completely clean.

And so it was that I found myself standing at the kitchen counter the other day after finishing off a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and baby capers for lunch, picking off the scattered poppy seeds on my plate and eating the poppy seed trail from my empty plate and along the kitchen counter, when a couple of cockroaches ran out from behind a cutting board near the sink, leaving behind them a whole new supply of “poppy seed”-like droppings.

I think I’ll get sesame-seed covered bagels instead this week.

The Lazy HouseHusband


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