Mar 04 2008

God Knows I Need Help Getting My Priorities Straight!

It’s been a couple of months since my last post. I could excuse the lengthy period of inactivity by saying that I’m just living up to my reputation as the Lazy Househusband, but the truth is that something really spooky happened to me end of last year. In fact, some would say that what happened to me was just simply too divine!

You see, I had one of my prayers answered. Now … I’m not religious or anything like that, but just before Christmas I found myself praying for something. I was praying for a solution to a dilemma. The festive season was upon us, people were getting ready to spend the new year with their families, and I was feeling quite overwhelmed with a pile of work I felt I had to complete.

I have a fairly obsessive personality and I am no doubt a workaholic. So, here I was on December 19, feeling like the Christmas and New Year’s break would be a perfect time for me to get ahead in my own business by putting some new systems in place for the new year, and at the same time feeling extremely guilty about the prospect of not spending this time with my family.

Whenever I am at a crossroads and feeling unable to make a decision, I usually go for a long walk, and start talking the problem out aloud. It helps to do this in a secluded place … luckily, at the bottom of the street where I live there is a large park that leads into a national forest. I can walk for about an hour and half alone in the woods without seeing another person. There is a little bridge that runs over a small stream towards the end of the walk.

By the time I get to this little bridge, I am usually in the right state of mind to begin my personal discussions with God. (If I am not in a good state, my conversations with my Higher Power usually consist of me presenting God with a “to-do” list!). On this particular day, I started out by stating ten things I was grateful to have in my life, and then I laid out my situation.

Would I spend the next couple of weeks “getting ahead” with my work and try to fit time for my wife and kids around the work, or would I prioritize time with my wife and kids and try to fit my plans around family activities? I know that for most people this would not be a dilemma. However, it was for me, for a whole range of reasons which my head could justify.

And so I prayed. I prayed for a solution. I prayed for the possibility of living a balanced life, for the ability to recognize the right path to follow and the willingness to take that path when it was presented to me and seize the opportunities to make the right decisions.

After an hour or so of walking backwards and forwards on that bridge talking to myself, I then went home, had dinner and went to bed.

The next morning, I got up and, as I always do, turned the computer on to check emails, online sales, etc …

The computer wouldn’t turn on.

I tried it again.

The computer wouldn’t turn on.

I tried it again.

The computer wouldn’t turn on.

I called my wife in a panic and told her I couldn’t get the computer to turn on. She reassured me that she would look for a laptop repair company and call me back. About an hour later, she called back with the phone number and address of a repairer. I called them up and booked my laptop in for a diagnosis after lunch. They were located about an hour away from me, so I got the kids in the car and told them that we were going to go on a “fun” drive across town.

I arrived at the repair shop and laid the computer on the counter, hoping that they were going to tell me they could have a look at it that afternoon and let me know the next day. After taking my laptop, the service technician told me that they were going to be closed not just the following day (Friday), but also the week after that and that they would call me on the following week to let me know what was wrong with the computer. Since this happened just a few days before Christmas, this meant that I was going to be without a laptop until the new year.

As it turned out, I ended up having no access to my computer for almost a month and a half, as my laptop was over three years old, the motherboard had died according to the technician, the manufacturer of this obsolete machine was on the other side of the country and closed for the New Year holiday season and we didn’t have the money to order a new computer straight away.

And so, I had no choice but to accept my situation and resign myself to the fact that the Divine had indeed presented me with a very clear solution to my prayers (albeit a fairly drastic and dramatic one!) and spent a wonderful time with my wife and kids during the holiday season.

To top it all off, a little money manifested itself in the New Year and I was able to order a brand new laptop. I’ve reinstalled all of my previous data and I am now back on track again …

The Lazy HouseHusband


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