Sep 28 2007

Another Crazy Week Ends … And Now The School Holiday Begins!

What a hectic day today has been!

It was the last day of term 3 for the kids before a two-week school holiday break, and I just didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Corporate Babe made sure I did, however, by leaving the light on in the bedroom ensuite after her shower, then pulling up the blinds in the room, before giving me a quick kiss, telling me she loved me and then ordering me to “get on with it!”

After a few minutes, my wife came back and apologized, saying that she didn’t mean to be so pushy, and that she hoped my day would be filled with light and love.

I told her it already was … especially after she turned on the bright bathroom light and flooded the room with daylight, and telling me she loved me before saying “now, get on with it!”

Just before leaving for work, she begged me not to post our morning exchange on my Lazy HouseHusband Blog.

I never promised I wouldn’t, so here it is 🙂


All the kids are coming down with something and it won’t be long before I’ll get it too. It’s inevitable that I will, after all, they are always coughing on my face and sneezing on me (and sneaky little Exacto, my five year old, delights in getting really close to me and then letting off the stinkiest little farts … I probably won’t catch the flu from being highly exposed to his flatulent servings, but they are serious health threat, let me tell you.)

As I am writing this, the kids are all right behind me tearing my office apart, when they are supposed to be tidying up the room for “movie night” (we don’t have a TV, so every Friday night we drag in a mattress into my office and pile onto it with bags of popcorn and ultra-sour candy to watch a family movie on my computer’s DVD player!)

Filosofo, my eight year-old, is coughing right behind me as I am writing this. Despite asking him this morning to conserve his energy and not to exert himself today, he ran around all afternoon at school (“but Dad, it was sports day today!), then was caught riding his bike with his brothers in the backyard (“ooops Dad, I forgot!”) and is now wrestling on the floor with Destructo, who is breathing right into his brother’s face and will surely be the next one to go down.

Exacto, meanwhile is just sitting on the floor playing with a noisy toy, pointing his skinny little butt my way and just letting his trademark little stinky bombs rip in my office.

It’s almost 7:00pm and there’s no sign of Corporate Babe yet.

The carpet in my office is littered with toys and looking absolutely filthy since last weekend when the vacuum cleaner died on me. The dirty dishes are piled up on the sink, the kitchen floor hasn’t been swept, there are pee-stained kids pajamas and dirty clothes lying outside my door that need to go into the wash, the house is a mess, the car is a mess, the beds are not made, the kids playroom area downstairs is just impenetrable, I haven’t paid the bills this week and the kids will be home with me for the next two weeks.

Thankfully, however, it’s Friday night and I don’t have to worry about any of this until tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll redeem myself next week, and then tell you all about it!

The Lazy Househusband


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