Apr 18 2010

A Soccer Dad Goes Soccer Mad

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Three boys, all playing soccer for three different clubs.

The mind boggles at the logistics of getting them all to soccer training and weekend matches on time.

Exacto trains on Monday nights from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. That’s not too bad. But Destructo and Filosofo both train on Thursday night on two separate fields that are half an hour’s drive apart. Both of their training sessions start within 30 minutes of each other, but the younger one’s training is only 45 minutes long, where the older one trains for an hour.

Last Thursday was our first training run. Of course, I was already running late because when it’s time to get in the car and go, no one can find their gear.

By the time we all got in the car and left the house, we only had 10 minutes to make the 20 minute drive to Destructo’s training, which starts at 5:30 pm. Even though I tried to stay calm and not panic, I found myself getting irritated by all the drivers ahead of me who insited on doing the speed limit.

Finally, at 5:45pm we arrived at the first training field. I could see Destructo’s team running around doing soccer drills in the furthest soccer field from where I parked the car. I quickly assessed my fitness level and how long I thought it would take me to run across three whole soccer fields to drop off my youngest son, introduce myself to his coach, apologize for being late, tell Destructo I would be back soon and then run all the way back to the car to make the 30 minute drive to the next training session that started in less than 15 minutes and decided instead to send my eldest son with his youngest brother.

After Filosofo got back in the car and we drove off leaving skid marks in the car park, I realized I had forgotten to give my little guy a bottle of water when I sent him and hisd brother out of the car.

It was too late to turn back, however, so I just kept on driving and tried to stay focused on getting myself and my other two kids to the next training session alive. I told myself Destructo would be alright until I got back, if only because the night was damp and he’d be able to absorb the moisture he needed through his pores.

On the way to Filosofo’s training, the fuel gauge started flashing. When we arrived at the park, I barely had enough time to drop my eldest son off and wish him a great training session, head on over to the nearest gas station and fill the car up, then drive back to Destructo’s training to pick him up, so we could all then drive back to pick up Filosofo after his training had finished.

To make matters worse, I had to be at an 8:00 pm meeting that night in the city. Corporate Babe and I had arranged earlier that we would all meet at Filosofo’s training field, where I would then hand the kids over to her and drive off to my meeting. My wife then called saying she was running late, just as my two youngest kids started complaining loudly about being really hungry, especially the youngest one, who said he was also dying of thirst.

Deciding that I had already made many blunderous decisions that night, and that one more was hardly going to make things any worse, I pulled into the Golden Arches drive thru and ordered happy meals for the kids and a burger meal for myself. I paid, collected the meals and drove off towards the park where my son would soon be done with his training session.

Just as my two youngest boys were complaining that they had been given girls toys with their happy meals, my wife rang. She was only a few minutes ahead of me, so I asked her to wait right where she was and I would catch up with her, hand over the kids and their half-eaten dinners and head off to my own meeting while she then collected Filosofo and drove all the kids home.

Saturday we had to go through the whole madness again, taking the boys to their soccer matches. Three different matches, in three different fields with two of those matches pretty much scheduled to start around the same time.

Somehow, Corporate Babe and I managed to get through this week, but Corporate Babe often has to travel interstate, so it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of back and forth driving for the next few months taking three boys to sports training.

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